Ode To A Summer Long Past

I remember the heat as it seared my skin, feeling like all my exposed areas were to get instantly vaporized by the intense sun beating down on me.  Summer in Southern California had come and with it a sense of sense of adventure.

I remember the wait on the grayed curb, as the anticipation of the day started to take hold. I began to try to keep myself busy with the various humdrum activities I could think of before the car came by to pick me up.  It didn’t take long before it did.

I remember the slightly off white car pull up, frosted with dust and dirt from all around the city. Slowing down and stopping right in the middle of this uncrowded street. The windows down with letting out all the hot air out, and unlike all the other vehicles nearby there wasn’t heat wafting off the chassis.

I remember rising and walking over towards to my friend and the car throwing some informal pleasantries back and forth before crossing over to the other side, where I could lift the handle on the slightly warm door.  Swinging the door open fully not worried about hitting anything and seeing the tan seats greet me as my friend cleared the place for me.

I remember throwing my leg into the car avoiding the various things piled onto the floor that day.  Sitting back into the fabric seats that felt like warmed towels after a shower. My body absorbing the heat into myself, starting to produce the first signs of sweet watery relief from my forehead.

I remember as the car began to move, the music changed to some upbeat alternative rock song the felt like embodied the summer driving season.  As the air outside flooded in and the artificial wind it produced mixed with the air freshener the sweet smell exploded from it.  Smell that permeated the car was a one that I couldn’t place but will forever be my favorite scent for the inside of a car because of the memories.

I remember the whimsical nature of drive, never knowing what we would do even after we pushed off onto the road.  I remember the sun out our back as we did whatever we wanted, throwing caution to the wind and driving down the streets to a destination we couldn’t fathom until we were almost there.

I remember those days because those days were what summer are to me, a car, a friend, some music, and a sense of adventure that even the heat couldn’t stop me.

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