A Dollar and Some “Change”

An ancient greek philosopher by the name of Heraclitus said “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. Whether it be subtle or monumental, change is an inevitable part of my life, to live is to change.

I am familiar with change, upon returning from my trip, I was greeted by a world much more foreign to me than the places I had visited. This place was back home with my mother and sister. The world that was home was a different place then when I had left two years before, and though not everything was different, it didn’t stop me from feeling lost and isolated. It had been weird returning to the room I had grown up in, the one that held my lingering childhood. I felt off, like had not grown with me in the last couple years, and stayed stagnant. I had to change that, bring it the years it missed.

The unfortunate part about change, is that I don’t get to pick the speed. Some things move too slow, such as getting a job, which always takes forever and a day. Others move too fast, like applications and days leading up to deadlines.  My pacing was all off and I needed to adjust.

Not all change was bad though, I was out of school for the first time ever and embarking on a new chapter of my life. I knew my dream was still in place, I still had some people who were my constant in my life. I worked forward and through many external and many more internal struggles, I got what I needed to done. I met some of my goals and it has been a long process but I have from grown from change.

Change was in everything, even within me. That change was erratic, as I felt the uneasiness of my footing in this strange land. Adapting and getting the things I needed took time and effort. With that time came the shifting seasons and the rotation of the season rich in holidays. With time, comes inevitable changing.

Now I find myself, for better or worse faced with much more change to come, a lot more growing to do, and many more avenues to explore. Though tough changes will come, it is in these hard times though that help define my character and whom I become. As I said before, to live is to change, and I am ready to change and grow along with it.

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