Being Pushed Down By Sickness

So… I got sick in the high germ season. Namely during the birthday which is always fun.  Starting on Sunday, and moving through the entire week, it is only now, Saturday, that I feel like I am getting all the way past being sick.  Being sick puts everything on hold, there is not avoiding it or rescheduling it, it just comes in like unwanted guests to a party and feels like it stay way to long, so by the time its over I am praising its departure.

The strange thing is that I get sick only once a year around the same period of time (just my luck that its always around my birthday).  Every year during my ailment, I always find myself thinking the same. I am thankful for getting sick in a small way, because it allows me to appreciate all the things that aren’t going wrong with my body most of the time.

It is also like a shaking awake of how fragile life can be sometimes, how sometimes life only works because I work on it. When something major goes awry, such as myself, everything seems so much more effortful, and how when I can’t maintain things around me, more fall apart like a set of dominos. Something that I can do without thinking, becomes a planned attack. Hills become mountains overnight as I have to fight the imposing feeling of illness.  Its like bring pushed down with a set of weights on, though it was easy to stand with them on, getting back up is much more difficult, crawling and grabbing onto whatever I can see within reach.

At the end of the day, it allows me to be thankful for what my body does for me on a regular basis. Carries me through life, and keeps me going everyday. Its always fighting for me, and yeah sometimes my body and I disagree of where and for how long I should exercise for but at the end of the day it is the only one I got so I have to take care of it.

So, thank you body for being there for me, I’ll try to eat less pizza.

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