Writing Practice: With The Doctor

Scene: Daytime. Hospital room. Man in bed, wrapped in bandages, connected to all sorts of different machines.  Dripping IV is the only sound that permeates the room. Nurse comes in to check on the patient
Door Opens and a nurse comes in to check on the patient; patient opens his eyes

Nurse: Are you awake Mr. Thompson?
Man: (looks over in confused recognition)
Nurse: Hold on Mr. Thompson, I’ll get the doctor.

Nurse exits and comes back with the doctor.
Doctor enters with the nurse.

Doctor: Mr. Thompson, I am Dr.  Belle, if it’s okay, may I perform a couple of tests to check for irregularities.
Mr. Thompson: Sure… I think…but why I’m here?

Doctor Looks at his chart. 

Doctor: You were in a car accident a few days ago. You were brought into the ICU with heavy cuts and bruises all over your body including your face and head.  You were unconscious and had multiple concussions by the time you arrived, and after you had been stabilized, we transferred you up here for monitoring.
Mr. Thompson: I.. didn’t understand all that. Things are a little bit fuzzy.
Doctor: That’s common for this type of injury. Let me finish the physical tests and we will see how much your mind is affected.
Mr. Thompson: Okay

The Doctor and nurse perform a myriad of tests on Mr. Thompson before sitting  down in a chair next to him right next to him with a clipboard

Doctor: Other than bruising and a couple of sprains you are doing  quite well.
Mr. Thompson: I certainly don’t feel well.
Doctor: I can imagine, but the pain should pass within the next couple of weeks. You had mentioned earlier that you were having trouble understanding me. I’m going to have you answer a couple of question.
Mr. Thompson: I will try…

The Doctor flips through some pages in his clipboard and finds the page he wants gets resumes looking at Mr. Thompson.

Doctor: These questions may sound trivial, but it’s important you answer them honestly. Do you know what a noun is?
Mr. Thompson: Of course, it’s a person, place, thing, or idea.
Doctor: And pronouns?
Mr. Thompson: A replacement for nouns when we don’t want to keep referencing the noun with itself.
Doctor: Good! How about a verb?
Mr. Thompson: A type of word that conveys action or state of being. These are very basic.
Doctor: I know, but it’s to see where you might have trouble. What is the difference between an adverb and an adjective?
Mr. Thompson: I think adjectives describe nouns and adverbs describe verbs.
Doctor: You think?
Mr. Thompson: No, I’m pretty sure.

The Doctor looks down and writes a few notes before flipping the page. Mr. Thompson sits up a little more in the bed to get more comfortable.

Doctor:  How about prepositions and conjunctions?
Mr. Thompson: Conjunction connects two things together with words like and:  prepositions are used to explain how two things relate in a sentence,  such as with words like between.
Doctor: That should be good enough for this part. I just have a couple more questions.

Mr. Thompson looks a bit tired from the questions. The doctor flips the page again. 

Doctor: Can you give tell me the difference between the determiners “the” and “a.”
Mr. Thompson: Determiner?
Doctor: Words used to give definition to nouns and reference them.
Mr. Thompson: Okay, let me think… “the” is referring to a particular object or group of things; setting it apart from others like it. “a” is referring to one of the population, but there is nothing special about it.
Doctor: Good! Last question. What is an interjection?
Mr. Thompson: um.. when you said “good!”.
Doctor: Hmm? Please explain a little more.
Mr. Thompson: An emotional greeting or exclamation.
Doctor: Great! Things look okay for now; you will do some more questions later because you sound like you’re ready to sleep. Let me know if you need anything and push the help button if you require assistance.
Mr. Thompson: Dr. Belle, thank you.
Doctor: You’re welcome Mr. Thompson, sleep well.

The Doctor get up and heads our of the room with the nurse. The nurse turns down the lights down the lights on her way out. Mr. Thompson falls to sleep.


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