Recent Quiet Reflections

I have changed a lot in my life, to the point when looking back at a photos more recent friends comment about how I don’t look like the same person in the photos. Change has been important to me and its a continual struggle towards progress.

Moving towards goals in my life has led me to fill my time with great things. Friends, family, work and Dungeons and Dragons. I haven’t as much time to sit and reflect on the things in my life, and the things that are obvious problems in my life are taking a back seat to the progress I am making forward. This is both good and bad, good that the silent battles in my mind become less strenuous and easier to handle but bad because like my work is not done, the work ironically will never really be done.

It feels as if I am in the waiting room, hoping that my name gets called and greatness will happen, knowing full well there are only a set amount of tickets to the goes down in history show. In the next couple of months, I will have to make a decision about how I want to proceed with the next couple of year my life, what path I hope to choose or which path I will have open to me. I know it’s the calm before another storm, hopefully, next time I will know what to do when the water and winds come.

I just wanted to take this short post to thank you for those who have been reading and by no means am I going to stop. Things will change in what I write about, but I hope to keep pushing myself to write.

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