The Last Wild Ride

My last ride with her,

It took us a while to get going,

To get moving along the road.

She had always been bad at waking up,

She always stalled and made excuses

Today I’m not having it,

Today, I came prepared

By the time she started up

I was ready

The day was already too bright

We went by the gas station,

But she didn’t need much, she never did

I was tempted just to go home with her from there,

That was our usual routine,

But today was different,

The road called us,

I knew, these might be our last moments together

I think she did too.

We roar down the alley,

Yell at the top of our lungs

This time we’re on the same page when the yelling begins

Tearing off down the street

My body moves on its own

After being with her for so long

I knew the twists and turns, the way she moved too

We find a quiet place

And slow

Feel the wind surrounding us

Just like that first time

When we were both so excited

saw nothing but adventure

It felt like I could fly

Not anymore, not with her

Her wings couldn’t carry me to where I wanted to go

And she just wanted to run free again.

I knew that was best for her

The wind surrounded us now

It wasn’t my wind anymore

It felt like we were both ready

Going down the curved road,

Reminded me of all the miles we traveled together

Those nights that were so cold we felt the chill into the next day

She carried me,

through college,

through trials and tribulations,

through my relationships

We just lost what we had in common,

Around that last bend

I wanted to know that love I had,

She did too

It was just me, her, and the ride

But it was just silence

I knew it was time

Goodbye, my ruby red bike

It was fun, and I love you

I want you to ride with someone who will appreciate you like I did

Someone who will be happy to see you every day

Goodbye, my ruby red bike

You’ll fly again someday.

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